Today, The Nation is running the first in a two part series by Chang Noi on the definition of “sufficiency economy” in the Thai system. Chang Noi writes, in part, that:

The Sufficiency Economy is not so much a theory about how the world works, more a set of simple maxims about what brings success, based on practical experience. Know what you’re doing. Act honestly. Work hard. Exercise moderation. Apply insight. Build up inner resilience. According to the enthusiasts for this approach, these maxims can be applied in any situation, from the family farm to the national economy.But the disarming simplicity of these maxims also means they are capable of varying interpretations in different hands.

Over the past month, many comments on New Mandala have tried to digest the idea of “sufficiency” in the newly clarified scheme of “Thai-style democracy”. Chang Noi’s definitional overview gives a simple introduction to this crucial rhetorical and practical issue.

Hopefully tomorrow’s follow-up to this initial offering will provide more for all of us to chew on.