Special panel to explore what comes after Aung San Suu Kyi’s thumping election win.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s triumph in Myanmar’s historic election has been confirmed, with a thumping win that many are calling a ‘red wash’ – after the colour of her National League for Democracy.

The long-time democracy campaigner and opposition leader has led the NLD to a landslide win in the 8 November polls, securing an absolute majority in the combined houses of parliament.

Under the terms of the 2008 constitution, guarantees the party has the numbers to secure the choice of the next president, potentially ending decades of military rule.

Daw Suu is set to hold talks with members of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party and military this week to outline Myanmar’s transition of power and moves to a more democratic era.

But after her ballot box success what comes next? Winning the election was one thing; running the country will be another, and many challenges and issues remain.

Will the military concede to government by the NLD? What are the implications of the NLD win for the nationwide ceasefire process? Who will be president? And what of Suu Kyi’s remarks that whoever the president is, she will be above him?

Those of you in Canberra will be able to glean some of the answers to these questions and more, in a special panel taking place at the Australian National University 1-3pm on Thursday, 19 November.

Featuring renowned scholars and specialists from the ANU Myanmar Research Centre and Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, the panel promises to provide important insight into these key issues and chart what the election results mean for Myanmar and this most critical of times.

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This panel will be recorded with a podcast made available via New Mandala shortly after.