Myanmar Votes 2015

Buddhist extremism after the vote

Have hardline monks lost their political power in Myanmar?

Myanmar’s tentative renaissance

Interview with Giuseppe Gabusi on the economic, political and policy challenges ahead.

The fog of one man’s thinking

Gregory Cathcart critiques Robert Taylor's views on ethnicity and voting in Myanmar.

Waking up to Myanmar’s new normal

After their election win, the NLD grapples with competition and policy, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

ASEAN adjusts to a new democratic phenomenon

Why the region should welcome Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar's new government.

The tour group and the vote

Soaking up a historic moment in modern-day Myanmar.

Poor returns

Seven key reasons ethnic parties polled poorly in Myanmar's election.

Keeping afloat after the ‘red wave’

Battered by the ballot, can Myanmar's ethnic parties bounce back?

An NLD rally in Myanmar's Rakhine State. Photo: Ye Aung Thu / AFP / Getty Images

A silent minority

Why ethnic parties didn't do better in Myanmar’s elections.

Chinese megaprojects and the vote

Could controversial projects like the Myitsone dam be back on under NLD rule?

Myanmar after the vote: what happens next?

Experts forecast what to expect in the wake of the NLD's landslide election win.

Sunshine and shadows

After the NLD's Myanmar election win, Nicholas Farrelly asks what role is there for those who missed out on the chance to vote.

Getting to grips with the future

What happens next will determine how much respect Myanmar’s reformers can demand from their own people, and from the rest of the world.

Hope, division and the vote

A hopeful but divided country emerges from Myanmar's 2015 polls.

From triumph to tests: Myanmar after the vote

Special panel to explore what comes after Aung San Suu Kyi’s thumping election win.

The realities of power in Myanmar

Andrew Selth on 10 ways Myanmar's military can make life very difficult for Aung San Suu Kyi.

Taking new paths

After elections in Myanmar comes hope, opportunity and major challenges.

A school and the vote

Olivia Cable reports on how a humble school in Myanmar got swept up by history.

The president and the proxy

Who will be the new president of Myanmar, and what is Aung San Suu Kyi's role?

Myanmar moves forward

What role for Myanmar’s long-ruling military after the country’s “new dawn”?

Elections just the beginning

Aung San Suu Kyi will need to deal with Myanmar's military if politics is to work for her.

Censorship and the vote

Journalists enjoy ‘relative freedom’ as Myanmar takes to the polls.

The military, civil servants and the vote

Olivia Cable gives a snapshot of the vote in Naypyitaw... and what came next.

After the vote

It is the struggle and compromise that comes after today’s vote that will prove most important of all.