Billboards saying: To approve the State Constitution is a national duty of the entire people today; Let’s cast “Yes” vote in the interest of the nation; Let’s approve constitution to shape our future by ourselves; Let us all who are equipped with ardent patriotism, who cherish genuine independence, who aspire perpetuation of sovereignty, who loathe foreign interference and manipulation, and who oppose puppet government with strings of colonialist; vote “Yes” for ratification of the Constitution; Democracy cannot be achieved by anarchism or violence, but by Constitution, were set up by departmental personnel, townselders and members of social organization at the designated places in Toungoo.

– Extracted from “Billboards erected in Toungoo to hail referendum”, The New Light of Myanmar, 29 April 2008. A translation of the constitution that is, on 10 May, being put to the vote in Burma is available here.