In recent days an individual has been sending a large number of comments to New Mandala under a number of prominent names. Usually, I would just ignore and delete these types of outbursts. However, the general state of politics in Thailand today means that some readers may find the content and tone of these messages interesting.

Andrew Walker: Dear the observer and Khamtham
You don’t really get this website, do you? It is designed for the people who don’t want to show their faces publicly but want to say negative things about the others behind their computer screen. Don’t you realize that rumors, distrusts, biases and negativity are what we have had used as accuses to invade or attack the other nations and we still do. Openly discussion is not what we really want. We think we are pure and superior than the other, why do we want to listen to what they think or say. Don’t you learn from what we have done to the abolitionists, the native American, the Inuit and so on. So bad HMK’s ancestors had saved the country for being colonized by the CIVILIZED nations.

Rebublican: More for observer, you should know that this website is for narrow minded people only. If you think differently please go to the other website. We only want people who think like us those who think differently are inferior to us. Don’t you see how Aryan we are??? We don’t want diversity. Don’t you know how many non-white, non-democratic, non-Christian we’ve killed??? The royalist is next on the list.

Republican: Reply to “an observer” (#29)
Distrust, biases, negetivity are what we use to aproach the others ideas. This site is for anti-royalist only. Oh! they are so inferior to us. If you think otherwise, express yourself elsewhere!!!

Fab-bob and ChrisIPS: To Observer
Rumour is what we want. Once we started the fake news then the others would jump in discussing it regardless to the truth. Then the reputations of the person or country are destroy. Ha Ha Ha. Why not?

Hi Hitler: There are many messges were sent to this website but are not posted. Why do you look at censorship in a developing country but not yourself in the mirror?

polo: Do not ever wear yellow in ANU. We are so supreme. We don’t like any the royalist here. If you are truely believe in free speech publish my message.

Rebublican: Why don’t you post my message? Isn’t that what we think? Did you ask for free speech in Thailand because the people are inferior while censoring me??????????????????????????????

TSC (from the website If you want any more funding for your website please contact me at the provided e-mail. Thank you for discredit the HMK. Hoping to go back to Thailand soon.

New Mandala welcomes comments from our readers around the world. Of course, we moderate comments to make sure that the website remains a valuable resource for all. Do we “believe” in free speech? You be the judge.