For those of you in a reflective mood this is the first anniversary of Thailand’s troubled May 2010. A year ago New Mandala, and everyone else committed to understanding Thailand’s ongoing political strife, faced one of the busiest times on record.

To revisit that tragic and violent period this selection of New Mandala posts is particularly relevant:

If you have even a quick look at any of those posts what you will see is widespread debate about Thailand, its immediate prospects, and the distant future. Everything was happening quickly and it was often difficult to keep up.

A year later I think many of the comments made during those hectic days, and many of the issues canvassed, deserve fresh attention. There are also plenty more New Mandala posts from May 2010 if you are inclined to trawl through the archives.

Please feel free to offer your comments on this first anniversary of May 2010. It marks a sad milestone in Thailand’s political history.