A New Malaysia? #3: reform roadblocks with Bridget Welsh & Shamsul AB


In this podcast, New Mandala’s editor Liam Gammon talks to Associcate Professor Bridget Welsh about how the institutions Pakatan Harapan inherits from BN complicate reform efforts, and ANU’s Dr Ross Tapsell talks to Prof Shamsul AB about the social and ideological constants that GE14 didn’t change.

This podcast was produced with the support of the Malaysia Institute and the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific.

About the guests

Bridget Welsh is Associate Professor of political science at John Cabot University, where her research focuses on contemporary Malaysian politics. Her latest book (co-edited with Greg Lopez) is Regime Resilience in Malaysia and Singapore. She has contributed extensively to New Mandala’s coverage of Malaysian and Southeast Asian politics since 2012.

Shamsul AB is Distinguished Professor of Social Anthropology and Director of the Institute for Ethnic Studies at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. You can review his publications here.

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