I have received the following message from Jeffrey Shane, Southeast Asian Librarian at Ohio University.

Ohio University Libraries have developed a Thai language database to enhance public access to Thai-language holdings in the David K. Wyatt Thai Collection (we purchased David Wyatt’s private library collection, consisting of about 15,000 volumes, roughly three years ago). The project is still in the initial stages of development. Thus far, only about 1,200 titles from the Wyatt Collection have been indexed. However, once all the titles from the Wyatt Collection have been fully indexed, I hope to be able to expand the scale and scope of the database to include a much wider range of Thai-language materials. In fact, I would like to see the database evolve into something akin to a union catalog. The database is unique in at least two important respects. First, one can conduct a search in English, Romanized, or Thai script. Second, it utilizes both Library of Congress and Thai-language (Thai Union Catalog) subject headings.