…there is no reporting of what is going on in Thailand.

I had been wondering about this very issue and in my admittedly brief surveys of media produced inside Burma I had come to the same conclusion as The Irrawaddy‘s much more detailed analysis.

While all eyes understandably remain on the unfolding saga in Bangkok, spare a thought for the Burmese. The cowardly government in Naypyidaw has no apparent interest in explaining major regional events to its people. Whatever they learn comes from the usual range of unauthorised sources. The New Light of Myanmar and its ilk tend to run so many pieces that “send felicitations” to the various leaders of friendly countries (and vice versa) that it is amazing that they have room for any news at all. Earlier in the week the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam all received gratuitous nods.

On events in Thailand…nothing.

For those of us fortunate enough to enjoy them, the wonders of a free press, open Internet access and spaces for the full diversity of voices (whether we–or the government of the day–agree with them or otherwise) should not be taken for granted.