From Manager Online 10.30 PM:

One hundred and eleven ex-executives of the dissolved Thai Rak Thai party will be granted amnesty Samak Sundaravej announced two and a half an hour after the election votes have been counted. Samak told CNN that he plans to grant amnesty to the executive members of the TRT party and allow the ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra to fight against the lawsuit in Thailand.

When asked why his People Power party earnt fewer votes in Bangkok, Samak refused to answer. He pointed out that according to the poll, his party acquires majority vote from all over the country. ‘The voters are confident in the capability of the ex-PM former staffs to help recover the economic downfall,’ said Samak. He also added that the military will accept the election result and denied the rumours of another coup if the PPP party wins the election.

Samak refused to give any details about the parties to join the coalition government saying that the discussion will be pursued after the formal announcement of the election result.

Meanwhile, the two-time PM Chuan Leekpai, a key figure in the Democrat Party, accepted that the party might be the runners-up. However, he argued that the Democrat party seems to earn more votes in the Northern and Northeastern parts of the country. Chuan also said that the Democrat party still have chance to form the government if the PPP party fail to get the majority vote.