Here is an account of the red Sunday rally in Bangkok (and here are some images).

Note that we would be delighted to provide a first hand account of the 50,000 strong pro-government rally in Udon Thani. Any takers?

It was a very big demonstration of the red shirts on last Sunday (19 Sep. 2010) at Ratchaprasong Intersection after the cruel crackdown on May 19, 2010. There were around 30,000 – 40, 000 red shirt people gathering around the intersection, sidewalks, sky train walkways, and on the streets, although we had no leader. Actually, we were VERY HAPPY and have felt free that we have not to care about the leaders on the stage. So, people did whatever they needed and they were responsible for themselves and what they did. Many creative activities happened on that day, except Mr. Sombat Boon-ngamanong’s show. He was a joker on last Sunday when he decided to stand on the same truck with Gen. Police Wichai Sunkprapai and tried to talk to the big crowd using a loudspeaker! ha..ha…

One more funny thing, Mr Sombat followed the request of the police as they need to move us to stay somewhere outside the Ratchaprasong intersection. Directly, I did not like the way and style of Mr.Sombat’s speaking by saying that…”My brothers and sisters, if we need to win today, you have to listen to me and follow me to stay in the place that the BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) provided us over there (pointing his finger to somewhere beyond the Ratchaprasong area). You know, now (he said) the media report that we cause the traffic jam and chaos, so our brothers and sisters must believe me. Don’t do the same ways (the former leader did) because we would lose again. If you believe me, WE WILL WIN TODAY!”

Wow, it is hard for me to believe that this is the way of the good-looking image Sombat said. It was a kind of stupid words and not quite different from some of the former red shirt leaders ever said on the stage. At that time (on the Sunday evening at the intersection), I stop listening to him as well as many of other red shirts did. I heard many red shirts said that Mr. Sombat is not their leaders, their leaders are in jail now. Some said this guy is under the control of the police, you see!. He is standing on the same truck with the police and trying to do what the police ask. I definitely will not follow him to stay in the cage provided by the govermental officials.

A few seconds later, I accidentally met P’Pravit (the senior reporter of the Nation newspaper) in the crowd. P’Pravit asked me what I would do. I asked back why.. P’Pravit said because Mr.Sombat left the intersection to Pathumwan temple with only about 200 red shirts following him. I said, let Mr.Sombat and his show team go wherever they need, but most of the red shirts are gathering here including me. This is the place where our friends and relatives were killed. We need to come and stand right here in memory of them and how cruel treatments we got. We tried to stay on the sidewalks but there are no enough space for us. So, we can do just let it be.. By saying this, I personally believe that everything will be alright as long as the Mafia’s soldiers did not show up with weapons again.

Here were some activities I could remember:

1. Playing the death body game with the song “I see people were short to death here” or “Tee Nee Mee Khon Tai” activity.

2. Putting circle-liked red candles on the street and praying for the deaths. Actually, I knew that someone also cursed some people who ordered the massacre.

3. Stretching the red ribbons on the fences, trees, and whatever we could tie them up and writing down our feeling involving the 4-year coup, the Abhisit’s dictatorship government, the military, the deaths, the Adam family, etc.

4. Singing a special song “Ai (…..) ordered the kill” the word in the round bracket is omitted because it is too rude to write here, but I did say that too with the crowd.. (Oop…just forgot myself that time). I think many people know the truth that who is behind the big killing field at Ratchaprasong Intersection and in the past. You know Thai words, so you should know that “Ai” is a suffix word of male gender, not female. Whew..

5. Singing “liberal heart song” (Sua Daeng Seree Chon) for Nattawutr and all red shirt guys who have been in prisons.

6. Creating a red spider network using many red ribbons to cover the Ratchaprasong area. This activity implied that “United, We Will Win.” We could do this activity because we had a lot of people on that day.

7. Composing letters to the sky and releasing them with the red balloons. It is such a beautiful time and event I like the most. I feel like our liberal hearts are set free and escaped from the dictatorship cage and long-time propaganda of the Adam family. I like to see everyone in this country to completely have at least freedom of speech, expression, and rights to love or NOT TO LOVE someone, etc.

8….Cant’ remember more, just stopping by a McDonald store to grab something to eat and chatting a few hours with our friends inside the store.

I went home around 20:00 pm and slept well all night after several nightmares. It is always true that “Tomorrow must better than today”.