One of the three students summonsed to appear for questioning at the 11th Infantry Regiment last Sunday has provided this account of the experience.

I’m one of the 3 students who got summoned to 11th Infantry on Sunday. I’m in final year at Chula and working for SFT (Though low-profile). Other 2 are Anuthee from Thammasat who was Secretary General for SFT and male student who was a member of “Seri Panyachon” which is another red youth organization. Aside from us there were about 10 people who got summoned the same day, from their looks I think they’re just normal “р╕Кр╕▓р╕зр╕Ър╣Йр╕▓р╕Щ” . Actually one of them was a famous TV host who later ran for an election for Phue Thai, I also spotted a nurse lady being in the same status as we are.

Basically the military explained to us there’s nothing to be afraid since they just want cooperation and that we should give them “useful” information that could help our country become “peaceful”again. They also kept insisting that involving and supporting the red in any way is against the law and that it should be stopped real soon before going beyond control.

We have gone through 3 phases roughly. First one was basic profile inquiry done by DSI. This was carried out one-on-one. We were asked if we were in any way involved with the red movement, and that what we think of the “black ronin”, what was the cause for the red shirt to protest etc.

Second phase was the “Civil Psychological Operation” (as I found out later) The officers asked how do I feel, and if I was surprised or scared by all this. I feel more like a nice auntie giving me lesson not to do drugs.

Final phase, three of us got into the same room with 2 officers. The officer asked some questions about the red shirts, for example he asked which leader you think has most tendency to overthrown xxx. If we’re familiar with Surachai Saedan, what’s our duty in the SFT, etc.

It should be noted that they have this list of names, and behind each name there’s short information attached. Anuthee’s went that he was SecGen for SFT, Mine went that I worked for SFT and also “been active with REDSIAM” ( I was super puzzled by this because I’ve never been involving with them as far as I can remember, and for another student’s it was “a leader in Seri Panyachon”

All I can say I feel more bored and a waste of time rather than intimidated. I can also dare say that the intelligence here is not very functional!