From today’s Bangkok Post:

On the Thaksin watch in Australia

High level talks have been held between Thailand and Australia to prevent any embarrassing diplomatic gaffes during the former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s current visit to Australia, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Mr Thaksin is on a private visit to Australia to play golf and visit friends. A senior member of Thailand’s Foreign Ministry has told the ABC that he is confident there will be no meetings between the former prime minister and Australian officials or ministers, after high level talks with Australia, the network reported this morning. A meeting between Mr Thaksin and a senior minister in Singapore last month has caused tensions between those two countries. The military backed junta in Thailand is also concerned about Mr Thaksin’s media appearances. A spokesman for the Thai Government says the regime hopes the ousted leader will not say anything that will adversely affect the national interests of Thailand or the good relationship with Australia.

An ABC radio report on the visit is available here.

UPDATE: ABC radio reports that an interview with Thaksin will be broadcast Tuesday night on Foreign Correspondent.