On the fourth anniversary of lawyer Somchai Neelaphaijit’s disappearance, Human Rights Watch has put out a strongly worded press release about his case. Unfortunately, it is just one of many such cases. More details on recent disappearances in Thailand are available in Human Rights Watch’s 2007 report – It Was Like Suddenly My Son No Longer Existed”: Enforced Disappearances in Thailand’s Southern Border Provinces.

The always excellent Rule of Lords also has a post on Somchai. That post concludes:

Anyone concerned about human rights in Thailand, indeed in Asia, cannot but acknowledge the debt owed to Somchai for what he achieved during his life, and what he has continued to signify in death.

In Somchai is Thailand. By remembering and documenting his achievements as well as his loss we do a service not only to him but also to thousands of unsung others for whom he no longer has the opportunity to stand up and speak out.