Articles by Murray Hunter, Guest Contributor

The benefits of mud houses

Murray Hunter explores the development benefits of mud houses.

Time for a bhikkhuni sangha?

Unrecognized and unacknowledged, women monks are at the forefront in dealing with Thailand's social problems

Kareoke and opportunity?

It is time balance be put back into the issue of prostitution by focusing on the deprivation of entrepreneurial opportunity, rather than the issues of human trafficking and sex tourism.

Up-market food stalls

Murray Hunter explores the delights of road-side pizza in Bangkok.

Sarawak’s “Independence Day”

Many, if not most Malaysians are unaware that Sarawak was indeed, if only for a short time, a fully independent nation-state before it joined Malaysia.

Finding a solution in Thailand’s deep south

Murray Hunter argues that the long term solution to the problems in Thailand's deep south lies in enabling integration without the loss of cultural identity.

Reinvigorating rural Malaysia – new paradigms needed

If rural development serves vested interests, it will surely be piecemeal, unbalanced and ultimately destructive.

Can there be a national unity government in Malaysia?

A national unity government has so much to give Malaysia, but there are too many forces against this reality.

It was never about the election …

No electoral system is perfect and Malaysia's still has a long way to go. The role of the opposition is to keep pressure on the government.

Desperately seeking success

Murray Hunter examines the prospects for peace in the far south of Thailand following the February 28 agreement.

Islamic education’s desperate plight

The Pakistan-based Taliban are helping fund schools in southern Thailand, according to Murray Hunter.

Who makes public policy in Malaysia?

The future prosperity of Malaysia will not be determined by who governs Malaysia but by how it is governed, writes Murray Hunter.