Articles by Murray Hunter, Guest Contributor

ASEAN’s western management infatuation

South-East Asian countries may stand independent politically and economically but they are still trapped within the syndrome of intellectual colonization.

Symptoms of a dirty business

Murray Hunter argues that the recent Singapore labour strike has brought matters of foreign worker mistreatment and unhappiness out into the public arena.

Entrepreneurship and economic growth?

Are Asian policy makers fooled by the hype that entrepreneur development creates economic growth?

Lost in Asia?

The Asian Century white paper has been "wowed" by the Australian media but it's doubtful if anybody in the region is looking at Australia with any more interest today.

Southern Thailand’s other revolution

There is a revolution going on in Southern Thailand and I'm not talking about the insurgency.

ASEAN’s missed opportunities

It may be ASEAN's own inward focus and inbred parochialism that prevents it sitting at trade, political, and economic forums with influence and stature. This may also prevent ASEAN entering into an era of diverse economic prosperity