Articles by Nick Nostitz

Thailand’s previously apolitical join the Run Against Dictatorship

Previously politically disengaged members of the population are joining organised political activity alongside older red shirt activist groups.

Farewelling King Bhumibol in Munich

Snapshots from the Thai community's marking of King Rama IX's cremation.

Capturing Yingluck

Nick Nostitz reflects on photographing the political rise and fall of Thailand's first female PM.

Red and Yellow in Germany

Photo Essay | A new frontline in Thailand's political crisis.

The myth of the popcorn gunman

Nick Nostitz reflects on the sentencing of one of the Laksi shooters.

The funeral of Dr Apiwan Wiriyachai

Photo-journalist Nick Nostitz provides a significant account of a top Red Shirt's funeral

The Laksi gunfight

Photo-journalist Nick Nostitz once again finds himself in the firing line in Bangkok. This is his story.

Bangkok’s last Red Shirt fortress

Nick Nostitz reports from the frontline of a simmering conflict between Thailand's street warriors

Storming the DSI building

Nick Nostitz provides an account of the invasion of the DSI office on 23 December 2013

Ramkhamhaeng: A view from inside the stadium

Nick Nostitz recounts a violent and tragic night in the history of Thailand's ongoing political conflict

White masks, red masks and royalist communists

With renewed anti-government protests in Thailand, Nick Nostitz presents a thorough photo-essay.

The smell of teargas in the morning

Acclaimed photojournalist Nick Nostitz reports from the weekend's "pretty disastrous" Pitak Siam rally in central Bangkok.