Articles by Edward Aspinall

A scene at Gatot Subroto street during the September 24 2019 Jakarta protests

Indonesian protests point to old patterns

The return of student protests and the government’s response have are reminiscent of the era of authoritarian rule

Indonesia’s election and the return of ideological competition

Renewed rivalry between pluralists and Islamists coexists with catch-all patronage politics.

Twenty years of Indonesian democracy—how many more?

Two decades after Suharto’s fall, it’s hard to see a return to dictatorship—or to declare the democratic status quo safe.

Interpreting the Jakarta election

An unusual test case for tolerance in Indonesia and Ahok's resilience.

Jokowi fails his first test

The first cabinet for Indonesia's new, 'reformist' president, Joko Widodo, is striking for how bad some of the appointments are, writes Edward Aspinall.

Trouble in the East?

Edward Aspinall warns that observers need to be careful about potential vote rigging in Papua and West Papua provinces.

Demokrasi Indonesia Dalam Bahaya

Menurut Edward Aspinall, Prabowo ialah ancaman terhadap demokrasi.

Indonesia’s democracy is in danger

Ed Aspinall says a Prabowo win 'carries major risks of serious authoritarian regression'.

A lesson for researchers

Peter Carey’s ensnarement in the Prabowo campaign is a warning for us all, says Ed Aspinall. *Updated with added response from Peter Carey.

Why was the Jokowi effect limited?

Edward Aspinall gives one possible explanation as to the failure of the 'Jokowi Effect'

Triumph of the machine

Rural dynamics explain the government’s victory in the Malaysian election, argues Edward Aspinall