Articles by Hamish McDonald

General Suharto (second from left) and other army officers attend the funeral of their slain comrades in 1965.

Censorship and the forbidden past

Hamish McDonald reflects on the censorship of events marking Indonesia's 1965 massacre.

Photo: Chez Juliun Livre 1 on flickr:

Mystery of Indonesia’s coup continues

New light fails to brighten Indonesia’s darkest days.

Myruan Sukumaran (right), self portrait and portrait of fellow Australian death-row inmate, Andrew Chan. Image by Ben Quilty.

Indonesia: the quality of justice

When it comes to drugs, it's death for foreigners and leniency for locals, writes Hamish McDonald.

Shooting the messengers? Journalists in Indonesia

A new book on Australian journalists in Indonesia poses some tough questions about the bi-lateral relationship. Hamish McDonald reports.

Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew

Will there be poetry or pragmatism now the CEO of Singapore Inc is gone?

Jokowi: modern man of the people or divine clown?

From high hopes to dashed expectations - Joko Widodo's aura is already tainted.

Jokowi (centre) waves to supporters. Photo by ahmad syauki on flickr.

Crocodiles, cronies and cars

As Joko Widodo's presidency of promised reform is already at risk of descending into farce, writes Hamish McDonald.

Democracy safe. Prosperity uncertain.

Indonesia's democracy may be safe, but the economic good times aren't set to roll on, writes Hamish McDonald.

Jokowi. Image by Iskan Badai.

New president, old politics?

How much of the ‘new’ politics of president-elect Joko Widodo will get through Indonesia’s transfer of power, asks Hamish McDonald.

Persona non grata no more?

Hamish McDonald tests the notion that a Prabowo presidency might not be that bad after all.