Articles by Yen Tzu-Chien

Habib Bahar’s fifteen minutes of infamy

An eccentric—and violent—Islamic preacher has been catapulted to fame in Indonesia after becoming a target of the authorities.

Reflections on a reunion in Jakarta

On the reunion of 2016’s anti-Ahok protests: the ‘awakening’ of Islamic identity means togetherness to some, and division to others.

Consuming orphans in a Jakarta mall

Some reflections from an odd, and at turns crass, fast breaking event inside a Jakarta shopping mall.

R.I.P orange bajaj

The end of an era for the iconic form of transportation?

Prayer, peace and protest in Jakarta

Images from inside Indonesia's latest mass mobilisation to defend Islam.

Jakarta’s day of destruction

In this photo essay, Ray Yen captures powerful images of Kampung Pulo's demolition.

Life under a railway flyover

In this photo-essay, Ray Yen explores an informal settlement in Jakarta during the age of Jokowi

Constitutional Court confirms Jokowi’s presidential victory

Ray Yen captures some of the colour and drama from the ruling confirming Jokowi's victory.

Let God decide

Some Indonesian voters are seeking divine intervention in today's presidential vote.

Jokowi’s big concert

Ray Yen's snapshots of the big pro-Jokowi stadium concert in Jakarta.

So what is Jokowi’s message?

Yen Tzu-Chien observes Jokowi in action at an event in Jakarta, and hears about the 'mental revolution'.