Articles by Michael Vatikiotis

Oorlog (voorkeur) Beeldbank WO2 - NIOD 88146 - collectie Bob van Dijk

Digging up the Dutch colonial past

An official Dutch inquiry will confront the bloody end of the country's colonial rule in the Indies. It will also open old wounds in Indonesia.

Lessons of the Arab Spring for Muslim Southeast Asia

Why Southeast Asia needs a cultural spring.

Out of Africa

What scandal soaked Malaysia could learn about power and accountability from South Africa and Mauritius.

Graft games

How corruption fuels Southeast Asia's democratic deficit.

ASEAN deconstructs

A multilateral mess that threatens the region's security.

Pluralism imperiled in Southeast Asia

Rise of identity politics could mean more violence.

Wielding the pen as a torch for freedom

As free speech in Malaysia is muzzled, Michael Vatikiotis reports from one event where people are speaking out.

Indonesia’s forgotten genocide

Fear still reigns 50 years after failed coup and mass killings.

Terrorism in the heart of Thailand

Michael Vatikiotis looks at the wider implications of the Bangkok blasts.

Jokowi: The First Hundred Days

Indonesian politics has not been this interesting in a long time, according to Michael Vatikiotis

Murky democratic dawn in Southeast Asia

Michael Vatikiotis suggests that for established elites it's their replaceability in a democratic system that is hardest to swallow