Asian Studies

ANU to remember Des Ball

New Mandala invites readers to celebrate the life and career of an extraordinary scholar.

Charting conflict and peace in a new Myanmar

Michael Wesley reflects on a new volume examining Myanmar’s path to peace and political transition.

The geopolitics of Pokémon GO in Asia

Danielle Cave looks at how a viral mobile video game reflects regional tensions.

Professor, speak up and make a difference

The crucial role that academics need to play in speaking truth to troubling political power.

Crisis and confidence in Najib’s Malaysia

Malaysia Update to examine what comes next for the Southeast Asian nation.

Elections without democracy in Southeast Asia

Why authoritarian rule remains resilient in the face of elections.

Committing to open academic spaces in Thailand

The ICTS13 organising committee responds to questions about their conference in July 2017 and academic freedom.

New Mandala co-founders Andrew Walker and Nicholas Farrelly.

New Mandala turns 10

“Blogging has opened up academia to larger and more varied audiences.” James Giggacher reports on how a military coup led to a revolution in connecting academic insight with the wider world.

Myanmar past and present: two views

Andrew Selth looks at the hardships the country still faces today.

Orangutans and ‘non-human’ rights

Should we recognise humanity in another species?

Urban exclusion in Southeast Asia

When it comes to urban planning, lines of exclusion and inclusion need to be redrawn.

Man with his bike. Photo by Staffan Scherz on flickr.

Myanmar Update 2017 Call for Papers

Proposals due by 30 June 2016.

Watching the watchers

Examining the Universal Periodic Review of human rights in Southeast Asia.

Witnessing Myanmar’s momentous change

New book provides eyewitness account of country's incredible reforms.

The historian who charted Australia’s Asian future

Anthony Milner pays tribute to the late John Legge.

Survey of Thai Internet use and restrictions

University of Washington study seeks your input.

How did Southeast Asia become a social fact?

Tom Pepinsky looks at how an artificial concept defined a region.

Doing old academia with new media

New Mandala team to deliver new practicum course.

Tackling the region’s policy challenges

New issue of Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies available for free now.

In search of truth and justice: a tribute to Benedict Anderson

Francis Loh Kok Wah reflects on a mentor and a friend.

Ben Anderson: the one and only

Ariel Heryanto pays tribute to the late scholar and his ongoing legacy.

ANU seeks Burmese language lecturer

Exciting new teaching opportunity at ANU.