President Jokowi vs Oligarchy

Can Indonesia's new president counter oligarchy?

In Safe Hands?

All eyes turn to Indonesia's General Electoral Commission

Let God decide

Some Indonesian voters are seeking divine intervention in today's presidential vote.

Art and elections

Virginia Hooker casts her keen eye over how art is depicting Indonesia's 2014 presidential elections.

Uneasy alliance: Prabowo and the Islamic parties

A closer look at the religious dynamics of Prabowo’s coalition reveals that it may not be as it would seem, writes Greg Fealy.

LIVE BLOG: Indonesian Presidential Election

Follow all the action as we cover Indonesia's 2014 presidential vote.

Bring on the ballot

The story of Indonesia's 2014 elections - as told by New Mandala.

Presidential elections in Papua

For Papuans, it's a question of how the vote is conducted, writes Jenny Munro.

How will Papua vote?

Regardless of who wins Indonesia's presidential election it won't make a difference for Papuans, writes Bobby Anderson.

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Dom Berger and Eve Warburton's notes from the field in Sulawesi and Maluku.

Mayhem in Victoria Park

As thousands of expat Indonesians went to the presidential polls, it seems not everyone is getting their chance to vote

The missing ‘green’ questions in Indonesia presidential election

The environment still remains a neglected issue in Indonesia's presidential race.

Jokowi’s big concert

Ray Yen's snapshots of the big pro-Jokowi stadium concert in Jakarta.

‘Prabowo, War Commander’

Some snapshots of an Islamic hardliners' event in support of Prabowo in Yogyakarta

Red Fury in Lampung

Ward Berenschot reflects on the PDI-P campaign that wasn’t.

Field notes on the Jokowi campaign

If Jokowi wins on Wednesday, it will be in spite of his campaign, not because of it.

The perils of loyalty

The relationship between former Jakarta gangster Hercules and Prabowo Subianto has been shaped by Prabowo's obsession with power

Striving for safety

Charlotte Setijadi finds Indonesia's ethnic Chinese minority united on the need for security, but divided on how to get it.

Jangan tertipu – Prabowo (masih) ingin menghapus pemilihan presiden secara langsung

Prabowo masih bertekad untuk mencari mandat dari rakyat hanya sekali saja.

Indonesian presidential candidate Joko Widodo and his mother pray at his father's tomb. Photo by AFP.

Campaign spirit

The dead have been drafted into worldly matters of the living and Indonesia's presidential race.

Mixed messages

Rianne Subijanto asks, what are the would-be presidents trying to tell us?

Jokowi and Prabowo reflect a decade of frustrations with SBY

The rise of Jokowi and Prabowo can be explained by SBY's inability to get things done and show leadership, writes Jeffrey A Winters.

Indonesians are not idiots

Despite concerns over presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto, Indonesia's democracy will be just fine, writes Elizabeth Pisani.

Don’t be fooled – Prabowo (still) wants to get rid of direct presidential elections

Despite protestations to the contrary, Prabowo is seeking a popular mandate just the once.