Near West

The Rajapaksa regime: navigating the victor’s peace

The climate of increased repression is having a chilling effect on CSOs (civil society organisations), especially those with a human rights focus.

Yoga, magic, and politics

Contemporary Indian fiction shows a different awareness regarding the politics of spirituality.

Performing pluralism: why the BJP wants Muslim friends

In our guest series on South Asia, a look at how the BJP tries to detoxify its Hindu nationalist image with calculated appeals to select Muslim groups.

Welcoming ‘Near West’ to New Mandala

New Mandala will be home to a South Asia guest section in the lead up to India's general elections.

Women at the Water’s Edge: lives of women in a climate changed world

In India's Sundarbans, climate change is fundamentally transforming the everyday lives of women living in remote chars, or river islands.

Death by sewage: clean-ups, caste and contracts in India

A lasting, cleaner India depends on undermining the enduring belief that removal of tainted things is the responsibility of people who are born to the task.