Lee Morgenbesser on ‘Behind the Façade’

The New Books in Southeast Asian Studies podcast explores the idea that elections can be instrumentalised by dictators to reinforce their rule.

Tale of tea takes out major international prize

New Mandala contributor Jinghong Zhang recognised for study on rise and fall of puer tea.

Politicians, commoners, and kings

Some fascinating insights into Thai politics and history in three new books featured by the National Library of Australia.

Fieldwork in upland Asia

In this extract, Associate Professor Sarah Turner from McGill University in Canada introduces a new book about doing research in socialist Asia

Coups in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Marcus Mietzner and Nicholas Farrelly have co-edited a journal special issue looking at military rule and democratisation

Fresh from the fair

This month's Book Zone 2.0 delivers tasty morsels from the 41st Bangkok International Book Fair (held 29 March – 8 April 2013) fresh to NM readers.

Thai love between the pages

A special Book Zone post for Valentine's Day, celebrating the theme of love in our National Library of Australia Thai collection

BookZone 2.0: Honouring Dr Pattana Kittiarsa

We pay respect to the late Dr Pattana Kittiarsa (р╕нр╕▓р╕Ир╕▓р╕гр╕вр╣М р╕Юр╕▒р╕Тр╕Щр╕▓ р╕Бр╕┤р╕Хр╕┤р╕нр╕▓р╕йр╕▓) (1968-2013), a great ethnographer of contemporary Thai society.

Handbooks: practical and auspicious

Thailand's numerous environmental handbooks (р╕Др╕╣р╣Ир╕бр╕╖р╕н, р╕Хр╕│р╕гр╕▓) have proven to be a valuable blend of common sense, superstition and rationalist understanding.

Thai cigarette cards

The National Library of Australia's significant Thai cigarette card collection has been digitized and the images are now freely available.

Thailand’s Political Peasants

Rural Thailand's new "political society" is energized by a fundamental desire to be productively connected to sources of power.