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Perspectives on the Past at New Mandala

Welcoming the University of Sydney's Southeast Asian history bloggers to New Mandala.

Old dominance, new dominoes in Southeast Asia

Democracy in the region finds itself in dark days. Can anything save it?

Lock them all up

New mass incarceration policies in both the Philippines and the US threaten to erode years of progress.

In Trump and family we trust

Could the Trump White House brew American cronyism in the way of Asia?

Risk and imagination in the Trump era

How Australia can keep afloat as Trump torpedoes global order.

A good day’s work

Why Southeast Asia should be worried about Trump's pick for Secretary of Labor.

A great place to have a war

How America’s secret war in Laos gave rise to a military CIA.

US vs them

What a Trump presidency means for peace and stability in our region.

Duterte and Donald’s ctrl-alt-delete

Will resetting the US-Philippines relationship put a stop to souring relations?

Doctor, my eyes

Do eye surgeons turned politician bring unique vision to politics?

What Trump can learn from Duterte

Could the Philippines President show the US President-elect how to reform?

Afraid new world

Why the world should be wary of a weary superpower under new management.

Singapore PM throws Trump major ‘shade’

Hearty congratulations shines a prescient light on dark days for democracy in the US of A.

President Trump and Southeast Asia

The United States' engagement with Southeast Asia could soon be over, writes Tom Pepinsky.

With Trump, Beijing trumps Washington

Why a Trump presidency is a major setback for US-Southeast Asia ties.

Girt by sea

Australia’s limited choices in the South China Sea.

Second acts for Thaksin and Trump?

Sally Tyler examines the futures of two very divisive politicians.