Since June 2006, New Mandala has been providing anecdote and analysis on mainland Southeast Asia. This period has, as you know, been punctuated by the political eruptions in Thailand. Over this time, we have also endeavoured to provide regular coverage of significant issues elsewhere in the region. There is always so much that we could cover.

In 2006 New Mandala has carried over 380 posts. And drawn well over 1300 comments! This tally includes the recent month-long “Focus on Laos” where eight guest writers have shared their special expertise. As regular readers will know, we are always keen to hear from potential collaborators and partners. New Mandala works best when it is a shared effort. For that reason, more special features will be coming soon.

Andrew and I have big plans for 2007 and hope that the growing bands of regular New Mandala readers continue their interest and contributions. We are always delighted to hear from anybody with comments or conversation and can be e-mailed at Andrew and Nicholas.

Best wishes for 2007. We look forward to seeing you, and all your friends, here at New Mandala in the New Year!