VIDEO: Researching ‘rupture’

Videos of the Crawford School's 'Rupture' workshop

Introducing ‘Rupture: nature–society transformation in mainland Southeast Asia’

Studying structural reconfigurations of nature and society in the Mekong region and beyond.

The Lao dam collapse: a tragedy long in the making

International donors need to own up to their own roles in the ongoing Lao hydropower tragedy.

Perspectives on the Past at New Mandala

Welcoming the University of Sydney's Southeast Asian history bloggers to New Mandala.

Introducing the Association for Mainland Southeast Asia Scholars (AMSEAS)

New association "seeks to foster and facilitate opportunities for the advancement of research and knowledge relevant to Mainland Southeast Asia."

Old dominance, new dominoes in Southeast Asia

Democracy in the region finds itself in dark days. Can anything save it?

Lifting the shadows on a secret war

Hunter Marston reviews Josh Kurlantzick's newly published study of the CIA's covert military operations in Laos.

A great place to have a war

How America’s secret war in Laos gave rise to a military CIA.

The east is red

Why Southeast Asia is now firmly in the grip of China.

A look at Laos’ future leaders

Who's who in the communist state's new leadership team.

Will Laos be a lousy ASEAN leader?

Many doubt whether this year’s chair of ASEAN is up to the job.

Forty years of Lao PDR: what’s next?

The double-edged sword of development, and promise of prosperity for Laos in 2016.

The silenced river

In northern Laos a new dam has major implications for local villagers.

Soccer wars in Southeast Asia

Football and nationalism in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

The decline of Lao civil society

While donors strive to build a more visible face for Lao civil society, they may be contributing more to the destruction of its foundations.

“Foreign influence” in Red Shirt demonstrations

Grant Evans analyses the role of Lao citizens who support Thailand's Red Shirt movement

Sombath Somphone.

What happened to Sombath Somphone?

The mystery of a missing Lao development worker highlights Southeast Asia’s record of enforced disappearances

Banning The Rocket

Gennie Gebhart reflects on the Lao government's ban on The Rocket.

The colonel from Savannakhet

Kong Le went from soldiering to politics, only to discover that he was no politician; being a patriot was not enough to save his country from itself.

The Case of Sombath Somphone

Kearrin Sims writes about the ASEAN response to Sombath Somphone's disappearance in Laos

New Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge across the Mekong

Des Ball and Jessada Burinsuchat report on the new bridge between Thailand and Laos set to open in December 2013