Welcome to the new, visual frontier of New Mandala: our newly installed Flickr group.

We invite authors and readers alike to share their Creative Common licensed photographs from research fieldwork, art initiatives or travel to our Flickr group.

Let those dormant images come alive on our academic blog and get credited for your visual contributions, here at New Mandala.

Have anything to send through?

Join here.

Submission Guidelines

Submitted photos must be your own work and uploaded as creative common licensed under CCL Attribution– NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0).

The text accompanying the photo must explain where and when the photo was taken. For example: Research Fieldwork from Myanmar, 2018.

Images must not depict minors in private contexts such as schools, homes or on private property unless you can supply New Mandala with documentation of appropriate consent in accordance with the research ethics requirements of your research institute. This documentation must be sent directly to the editor’s email at [email protected].

In accordance with Australian law images of individuals in public places do not require consent.

For more information on these laws and street photographer’s rights see in Australia, see https://www.artslaw.com.au/information-sheet/street-photographers-rights/. Laws may differ in other countries and it is the photographer’s responsibility to be familiar with these.

We reserve the right to withhold approval of any images we deem inappropriate for this group, including sexual, violent, racist or otherwise derogatory depictions.

By joining this group you agree that your images may appear on the New Mandala website, with appropriate credit to you, without further correspondence. You have the right to request images be removed in future, by contacting adminstrators or the editor.