Cambodia’s 1991 Paris Peace Agreements: Thirty years of contested commemoration

Stakeholders commemorate the same history, but they have different interpretations.

“Human dignity” in Cambodian law, policy and civil society advocacy

Significant differences arise around how “human dignity” is defined and protected, and what it requires of states, non-state institutions and citizens.

Maintaining the legacy of human and civic rights: 30 years after the PPA

Both civil society and the government have roles in educating people about the law, its implementations, and their legal rights.

The PPA: Enabling Foreign Investment in Cambodia

The restoration of peace under the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) earned trust from foreign investors.

The United Nations Peacekeeping Troops: a mixed legacy

Cambodia has gone from requiring peacekeepers to contributing more than 7,000 troops specialising in de-mining and engineering.

Podcast 2. UNTAC Radio: Airwaves of Hope វិទ្យុអ៊ុនតាក់៖ រលកសំឡេងនៃក្ដីសង្ឃឹម

This podcast examines the role Radio UNTAC in informing millions of Cambodians en route to casting their ballot in the much-anticipated 1993 election

Podcast 1. Guiding a transition to democracy: mission impossible?

Dive deep into archives of the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia and its UNTAC Radio.

6. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “A song request” សំណូមពរបទចម្រៀង

Many sent music wishes to Radio UNTAC to connect with family members and friends.

5. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “Unrepayable” គ្មានអ្វីតបស្នង

All types of lived experiences, which have remained, fresh in our mind, salty, sour, and bitter...

3. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “The Boundary of Our Rights” សិទ្ធិមានត្រឹមណា

People shared words of advice, encouragement, and appeals to take the peace process seriously.

2. Radio UNTAC: “The authority of the police” មហិទ្ធិរិទ្ធប៉ូលីស

Others express their hopes for the future or emphasise the importance of a different political system.

1. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “The secret vote” បោះឆ្នោតសម្ងាត់

People from various provinces in the country sent letters with poems and essays to Radio UNTAC.

Young Cambodians and the Paris Peace Agreements: a legacy

The legacy of the 1991 Paris Peace Agreements is a commitment to create and uphold the conditions necessary for the Cambodian people to engage in open, meaningful, and critical debate.

Traumatic Pasts in Asia: The editors’ account

These case studies analyse both the psychological and communal effects of violence and natural disasters and how communities attempt to overcome their effects.

Cambodian workers need employment security and freedom from fear

...garment employers regularly used COVID-19 as a pretext to target union members. The pandemic has been weaponised to get rid of trade unions.

The impact of COVID-19 on the civil society sector in Cambodia: a year on

The voices of and inputs from communities and civil society in national strategic development planning have not been heard.

ASEAN on Myanmar’s coup: revisiting Cold War diplomacy on Cambodia

ASEAN has precedent and success in interceding in struggles for diplomatic recognition at the United Nations during the Third Indochina War (1978-1991).

The Spirit of China in Cambodia

As Chinese influence intensifies, Cambodians are trying position themselves in relation to this new tide of values.

Networked authoritarianism at the edge

We should look beyond elite urban internet users to grasp the reach of Southeast Asian digital governance and its chilling effects

The desertion of Cambodia’s spirits

Spirits and forests are disappearing as a new, consumerist way of relating to the land literally gains ground.

The ECCC: history education for Cambodia’s young generation?

While survivors often become emotional when speaking about the past, they feel younger generations must learn from the past to prevent genocide in future.

The Cambodia dilemma: foreign affairs and human rights in tension

Instead of implementing tough trade restriction measures that affect ordinary Cambodians, the EU and US should reconsider its approach to engaging Cambodia on human rights.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen regime introduces repressive emergency laws under cover of COVID-19

Fears of escalating repressions are growing as the state of emergency laws are used to arrest opposition affiliates and a journalist.