29 August, 2016

A building and brutality

Julia Mayer

Can architecture help heal the wounds of Cambodia's genocide?

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Financial scandals and foreign affairs

1MDB is a Malaysian problem with reach in Australia, writes Amrita Malhi.


No smooth sailing

Philippines 'utility men', servitude and dreams of better days.


A foundation for freedom

Support for Myanmar’s media – vital then, essential now.


Crisis and confidence in Najib’s Malaysia

Malaysia Update to examine what comes next for the Southeast Asian nation.

Life in Brunei is largely lived on the water, such as at the paddle-up Tamu Kianggeh Market

Backlash and benevolence in Brunei

Are politics in the absolute monarchy more open?


The real meaning of Thailand’s referendum

Why the country's latest constitution will be short-lived.

Photo: Mikhail Koninin on flickr

Will bombs burst Thailand’s tourism bubble?

A strike at the heart of the country's economy.


Out of Africa

What scandal soaked Malaysia could learn about power and accountability from South Africa and Mauritius.

Photo: Yoann Gruson-Daniel on flickr

How long can the longyi last?

Luke Corbin looks at the lifespan of one of Myanmar's most iconic items.

A new breed of terror in Thailand

How a ballot and blasts are playing havoc with the country’s domestic politics.


Wiranto: war criminal or political moderate?

Juggling the interests of reformers and hardliners a key legacy.


Duterte a law unto himself

As a populist, Duterte’s erosion of the rule of law is no surprise.


Violence in Thailand’s Deep South

Will we see more violence from Deep South insurgents?


A vague vote and uncertain future

The ambiguous meanings behind Thailand’s referendum result.


Rights in the firing line

After the latest round of executions for drugs crimes, is there hope for human rights in Jokowi's Indonesia?


A storm of bullets, a wave of apathy

Duterte is gaining in the war on drugs, but at a terrifying cost to Filipino society.


Emergencies and executions under Jokowi

So-called national emergencies give President no right to breach human rights.