26 June, 2017

Privilege, victimhood, and gay Indonesia

Jeffrey Hutton

A journalist's reflections on reporting Indonesia’s anti-LGBT crackdown from a position of western privilege.

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"the place of...[Myanmar's] non-national-race groups is precarious...the only way available to them politically...is to submit to the politics of domination inherent in the national races project"


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Consuming orphans in a Jakarta mall

Some reflections from an odd, and at turns crass, fast breaking event inside a Jakarta shopping mall.

Jakarta is still the oligarchs’ turf

Neither Ahok nor Anies can change the fact that those who own the city have enormous influence over how it's run.

Ahok and the rise (and fall?) of state capital

Forget oligarchy. Ahok's governorship, like Jokowi's before him, has been a boon for state enterprise.

Female Ulama voice a vision for Indonesia’s future

A report from the pathbreaking Indonesian Female Ulama Congress in Cirebon, West Java.

Middle class competition and Islamic populism

What Jakarta's election highlighted most was not tensions between socioeconomic groups, but cultural tensions within the Muslim middle class itself.


New Mandala leads the conversation on Indonesian Islam, politics, class, and society amid Ahok's downfall and Jokowi's fight for reelection in 2019.

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Despotic urbanism in Thailand

How the junta's urban development plans target the poor and their politics.

Via Flickr user Ronn Aldaman, used under Creative Commons licence.

Last orders in Bangkok

The creativity, informality, and disorderliness of Bangkok's street vendors couldn't survive the junta's impulses for social control.

Film review: By The Time It Gets Dark/ดาวคะนอง

Anocha Suwichakornpong's new film haunts long after the credits are over.


Malaysia must wake up to its human trafficking problem

As Rohingya and supporters gather to remember those buried at Wang Kelian, corruption and official inertia perpetuate human trafficking.

The allure of Joget Gamelan

Threatened by neglect and officialdom, can the great Malay tradition of Joget Gamelan make a comeback?

Pemuda PAS: vanguard of Malaysian Islamist politics

The ideological conservatism of young PAS cadres was on full display at the party's national congress.


Duterte’s exceptionalism and the pitfalls of military rule

The authoritarian president would have us believe military force can solve Mindanao’s problems. History shows how wrong he is.

Querying Martial Law in Mindanao

The security rationale for Duterte’s declaration of martial law may apply in Mindanao. But is it a test balloon for further authoritarian measures?


Connecting Myanmar libraries to global academia

The eLibrary Myanmar Project is helping libraries make the leap from isolation to digitisation, both of their own outstanding collections and global publications.

China’s economic ascension: not a race to the bottom for Myanmar

Why the expansion of Chinese investment into Myanmar isn't all gloom and doom.

Explaining the roots of KNU power struggles

The Karen National Union shows how internal conflicts within Myanmar's insurgencies can jeopardise the peace process.


Cambodia’s society is changing fast, and its parties slowly

The 2017 commune elections don't point to a decisive result for either the CPP or CNRP next year.

Cambodian youth: shaping relations with Vietnam

How can youth help enhance relations with Vietnam?

Cambodia: towards single party dictatorship?

New laws effectively rig upcoming elections.


Remembering Professor Joel S. Kahn

A tribute to the life and work of the acclaimed anthropologist, who passed away on 1 May 2017.