Articles by Aim Sinpeng

Defections to expulsions: Future Forward Party’s internal turmoil

"Very few MP candidates actually call themselves “true believers” in the Future Forward ideology."

Pheu Thai won the Facebook Election in Thailand

Online, it was the least active party which proved the most popular during the 2019 Thai election, meaning supporters mobilised with little direction from above.

Southeast Asian cyberspace: politics, censorship, polarisation

The internet is both a factor in, and a victim of, the region’s crisis of democracy.

V-Day resistance to the junta’s coercive regime

Aim Sinpeng analyses the most important anti-government rally since Thailand's May 2014 coup

Thailand’s information war

Aim Sinpeng reports on the Thai military's heavy handed actions against freedom of information.

Politics of electoral protest in Thailand

Regular New Mandala contributor Aim Sinpeng analyses anti-election tactics in recent Thai history

Thailand’s 2013 protests in comparison

Aim Sinpeng explains how this round of anti-government protests in Thailand should be characterised

Who’s who in Thailand’s anti-government forces?

Aim Sinpeng argues that motley alliances know to put their differences aside for a common goal

The people rise again?

Aim Sinpeng discusses the implications of a recent re-mobilisation of Thailand's people's sector

Pitak Siam’s failure

The Pitak Siam rallies have failed in terms of leadership, numbers and coordination among the various groups.