Articles by Alwyn Lau

The truth and the fake in the making of Malaysian news

The threat to eliminate all ‘fake news’ isn’t merely an assault on the freedom of speech, it’s also an affront to its beauty, efficacy, recall, and its very existence.

Laclau and populism in Malaysia

Alwyn Lau suggests that populism is effective for mobilisation but not for building meaningful relationship.

Laclau and Malaysia’s empty signifiers

Why the claim to represent all Malaysians by the ruling regime? Alwyn Lau offers an explanation.

Multi-culturalism: the flipside of fundamentalism?

Alwyn Lau argues that fundamentalism and multi-culturalism may be one and the same phenomenon.

Political participation and pleasurable pain in Malaysia

If pleasurable pain can be said to be a critical political factor, then recent developments in Malaysia is to be welcomed.

Ghosts to citizens

The excrement that we dispose of quietly and in private is the very same substance that nurtures our national body.

Normalisation, denial, obscurantism and belief

May 6th 2013 could be a new dawn of justice ushered in by a people who, after more than half a century of governmental abuse, can finally believe again.

Two kinds of corruption

How corruption is conceptualised is critical in how it is dealt with. In Malaysia, the conventional views are patently misplaced.