Articles by Meredith Weiss

When carrots are not enough: Singapore’s actually fairly exciting general election

...A substantial share of the population wants debate...and a shift from the conceit of “apolitical” technocratic management.

Identities, institutions, and intellectual aspirations: the praxis and study of Southeast Asian politics

"Most fundamentally, the study of politics requires attention to identity."

An interview with Khairy Jamaluddin

BN's former youth chief on how the party is adapting to opposition, and how it wins back power.

An interview with Malaysia’s Foreign Minister, Saifuddin Abdullah

Answering New Mandala's questions on the "New Malaysia" and its place in the region and the world.

Malaysia after GE14: transition to what?

Barisan Nasional was in power for 60 years. How does an electoral authoritarian regime get defeated, and will similar regimes in the region follow?

Notes from the campaign: Johor, Selangor, Perak

No Malaysian election campaign is complete without these highlights of food, flags and swag, as the GE14 season enters its final days.

A politics of redemption in fractious times

How much change, beyond Najib's ousting, does a Mahathir-led coalition represent? Or does an emboldened, victorious Najib mean political rebirths are redundant?

Lamenting 1MDB

Optimism about Malaysia's latest financial scandal is as hard to find as answers.

Bersih 4 from both sides of the barricades

Meredith Weiss offers key lessons from Malaysia's recent rallies for clean politics.

Reading the tea leaves of 1MDB

Meredith Weiss on whether Malaysia can clean up its messy 'money politics'.

The impossible necessity of collaboration

Meredith L. Weiss suggests that political coalitions of different Malaysian groups are likely to remain a necessity

The seamy side of GE13

The worst thing about the election is not just how much of a head start one coalition has over the other, but what this means for the system as a whole.