Articles by Andrew Selth

Diplomatic intelligence

Andrew Selth's recollections of the hazards of the rumour mill in Ne Win-era Myanmar.

The wisdom in the literature

Why we must preserve Myanmar's scholarly and literary heritage.

Myanmar bibliographies and booklists

Popular and recommended reading on the Southeast Asian nation.

Journeys without maps in Myanmar

More open politics and new technologies are putting much of the country back on the beaten path.

Heroines, heroes and villains

Part two of Burma and the comics.

Wars and rumors of wars

Burma and the comics part one.

Colonial Burma, history and phillumeny

Andrew Selth discusses how matchbox labels provide a glimpse into the culture of colonial Burma.

The rats of Rangoon

From plague, to meals, to piles and piles of poo -- Andrew Selth on the former capital's resident rodents.

The realities of power in Myanmar

Andrew Selth on 10 ways Myanmar's military can make life very difficult for Aung San Suu Kyi.

Burma and the Kipling mystique

Andrew Selth analyses the influence of the bard of the British Empire, Rudyard Kipling

Burma/Myanmar: Bibliographic trends

Andrew Selth surveys the changing landscape of publishing about the Southeast Asian nation