Articles by Greg Fealy

Selective moderation: Indonesia–UAE religious diplomacy

Pragmatic political interests lie behind the promotion of ‘moderate’ Islam in both countries.

Ma’ruf Amin: Jokowi’s Islamic defender or deadweight?

Progressives may hope that Ma’ruf’s conservatism will be checked by realpolitik.

Nahdlatul Ulama and the politics trap

A pillar of Indonesian civil society faces an ever more acute dilemma between representing a religious community and securing resources and influence within government.

The ties of terror that bind

Countering Islamic State is a way to strengthen Australia-Indonesia relations.

Uneasy alliance: Prabowo and the Islamic parties

A closer look at the religious dynamics of Prabowo’s coalition reveals that it may not be as it would seem, writes Greg Fealy.

Resurgent political Islam, or astute Islamic parties?

Greg Fealy asks whether surprisingly good results for Indonesia's Islamic parties reflect their ideological appeal or strong grassroots campaigns.

The Lion of PKB: Rusdi Kirana

Greg Fealy looks at how one of Indonesia's Islamic parties embraced an ethnic Chinese, non-Muslim, airline director