Articles by Manjit Bhatia

Who’s behind Pastor Koh’s disappearance?

Why Malaysia's police and JAKIM deserve some scrutiny.

Malaysia’s criminal state of mind

Assassination of North Korean offers Najib a lifeline.

In Trump and family we trust

Could the Trump White House brew American cronyism in the way of Asia?

Pakatan Harapan electrocutes itself

Manjit Bhatia writes on why the Sarawak poll results mean the death of Malaysia's opposition coalition.

Mahathir no solution for Malaysia’s mess

Hopping into bed with former PM is an act of narrow-interest desperation.

Muslim politics is not subsuming Malaysian politics

Manjit Bhatia offers a response to Ooi Kok-Hin.

Malaysia reaps what UMNO sows

Aficionados and acolytes confirm a system built on avarice, writes Manjit Bhatia.

Malaysia’s slide into the UMNO abyss

Move from authoritarian towards totalitarian UMNO rule can't be halted, writes Manjit Bhatia.

Witch hunts and woe in Malaysia

As the 1MDB scandal rolls on, the rule of law is being steamrolled, writes Manjit Bhatia.

The Edge Media Group publisher and group CEO Ho Kay Tat says it was a duty to pursue the truth after uncovering documents relating to 1MDB. Photo by Malaysian Insider.

Malaysia is cracking up and cracking down

Media ban for alleged corruption reporting another nail in the coffin for Malaysian politics.

Dear Malaysia: Mahathir is no messiah

Manjit Bhatia asks whether the good doctor is really the cure for Malaysia's woes.

The law in Malaysia is an ass

PM Najib, UMNO-BN politicians and their cronies remain above Malaysia’s spineless laws.