Malaysia, Singapore (and Brunei) at the AAS

Malaysia and Singapore in action at the Association of Asian Studies Conference.

Indonesia: Why you so like that wan?

Elvin Ong asks if Singapore's politicians will grow up in the next 50 years?

Democracy and human rights in Southeast Asia

Call for papers for a special issue on democracy and human rights in Southeast Asia.

Migrant workers: Whose responsibility to protect?

Linda A. Lumayag says protecting migrant workers remains a significant challenge for ASEAN member states

Non-Han Chinese diasporic communities

Organisers of this conference invite applications to present papers which explore the non-Han Chinese living and working outside China

Far reaching implications….

It’s only a matter of time before someone takes the cue from Malaysia and starts raising objections to non-Muslims using the word Allah.

Thailand’s Border Patrol Police and ASEAN

Des Ball and Olivia Cable present an intriguing collection of materials about Thailand's preparations for the ASEAN Community in 2015

All things Malaysia and Singapore @ ANU

Next week, will be the biggest week on Malaysia and Singapore at the Australian National University.

Penang and the Hajj

An interesting workshop in the holy month of Ramadan - Penang and the Hajj.

Malaysia-Singapore Update 2013

An impressive assembly of experts will be at the ANU Malaysia-Singapore Update 2013 to address pressing issues on governance, society and the economy.

New work on Southeast Asian monarchies

The current issue of Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia deals with the sensitive, yet significant, topic of monarchies in the region

‘Face-saving’ solution to Sabah

History could have been different had the Moro recruits obeyed orders and pursued their goal of destabilising Sabah for eventual annexation by the Philippines.

ASEAN non-interference and the Sabah conflict

ASEAN’s ability to resolve disputes in the region has increasingly been questioned – ever more so, its claim to ‘centrality’.

Sabah – the question that won’t go away

The future security of Sabah depends on how the governments of Malaysia and the Philippines deal with the aftermath of the Sabah incursion.

Cambodia, Thailand and the ASEAN Way

The ASEAN way, which includes the ‘non-intervention’ principle and consensus-based decision-making, has weakened any possibility of intervention in the now-receding border conflict.

ASEAN’s missed opportunities

It may be ASEAN's own inward focus and inbred parochialism that prevents it sitting at trade, political, and economic forums with influence and stature. This may also prevent ASEAN entering into an era of diverse economic prosperity

Malaysia and Singapore Update 2012

Two of ASEAN’s most durable authoritarian democracies (or is it democratic authoritarianism) come under scrutiny at the Australian National University this month.

Southeast Asia’s illiberal regimes

What is the role of government linked corporations in promoting democracy in Southeast Asia?