Rule-breaking and the Rohingya

How Australia's 'stop the boats' policy is prolonging the Rohingya's suffering.

The Rohingya and regional failure

ASEAN fails in efforts to be 'people-centred' when it comes to Rohingya refugees.

Southeast Asian elections worst in the world

According to a new study, Southeast Asia performs worse on overall electoral integrity than any other region in the world

Democratic values and human rights in ASEAN

James Gomez and Robin Ramcharan highlight the findings of a recent journal special issue

Southeast Asian Islam, gentle and ungentle

Clive Kessler's third and final article investigating the links between Islam, violence and Southeast Asia.

On “supersessionism”: Abrahamic faiths in history

Clive Kessler's second of three articles exploring the history of Islam, violence and Southeast Asia

Securitisation of Australian Aid

Tim Frewer argues the Australian aid industry is captured by those who will pursue the logic of security on behalf of Australians

In the shoes of reporters in Naypyitaw

Olivia Cable asked Summit reporters what they thought of the ASEAN Summit and Naypyitaw

Female faces at the ASEAN Summit in Naypyitaw

Olivia Cable presents a photo-essay that captures but a handful of the female faces at the Summit this week

Pre-game in Naypyitaw

In this post Olivia Cable sketches a close-up portrait of the preparations for Naypyitaw's big week in the spotlight

Press coverage reaches new heights in Naypyitaw

From inside the media pack at the ASEAN Summit, New Mandala correspondent Olivia Cable stands tall

What Tony Abbott said in Naypyitaw

Olivia Cable provides a summary of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's speech during his first visit to Myanmar

The 25th ASEAN Summit in Naypyitaw

Olivia Cable presents her first report from Naypyitaw's ASEAN summit

Another view of the Ramkhamhaeng inscription

D. Hellmann-Rajanayagam and Ruediger Korff suggest that a long, trans-regional story still needs to be fully told

More Southeast Asia commentary

New Mandala co-founder Nicholas Farrelly highlights some recent essays on Indonesia and Thailand

Rights go regional

A new book shows how regional organisations like ASEAN are helping spread human rights in Asia.

Murky democratic dawn in Southeast Asia

Michael Vatikiotis suggests that for established elites it's their replaceability in a democratic system that is hardest to swallow

Islam, a religion of peace

Timothy Daniels provides a response to Clive Kessler's article noting that context is important in understanding the basis of religious violence.

Writing for New Mandala

Co-founder Nicholas Farrelly announces an open call for submissions from the next generation of leading Southeast Asia analysts

Competition: Speaking of Southeast Asia

New Mandala co-founder Nicholas Farrelly announces a new competition for regional wordsmiths seeking immortality

Dissonance in Malaysia-Japan relations

The dissonance between Abe and Najib is explained by the current status of their long dominant parties

No longer the odd man out. Myanmar President Thein Sein (third from right) with Southeast Asian leaders at the 24th ASEAN summit. Photo by AFP.

Return to the fold

The shadow of Myanmar’s past military rule won’t harm its new-found place as a respected member of ASEAN and the region, writes Mathew Davies

Myanmar as middle power

Burma is becoming a regional player in Southeast Asia, writes Gareth Robinson

Myanmar’s ASEAN challenges

Ludovica Marchi asks if Myanmar can rise to the challenges of ASEAN chairmanship?