A tale of two elections

Max Grömping analyses the challenges to electoral integrity in Singapore and Myanmar.

Lessons from a dictatorial neighbour

Nicholas Farrelly on the incredible tale of Thailand and Myanmar's reversed political fortunes.

Myanmar past and present: two views

Andrew Selth looks at the hardships the country still faces today.

New year, new politics?

Myanmar must move beyond highly personalised political drama, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

NLD needs to prioritise labour reform

New government needs to focus on workers' rights and conditions, writes Trevor Wilson.

Myanmar: an economy ready for takeoff

Transition from closed command to open economy could yield big returns.

Millennia-long histories and Burmese migrations into Thailand

It’s time to take a longer view on a complex issue, writes TF Rhoden.

A sip of something more in Myanmar?

More beer choices give a taste of what's to come for a country thirsty for change.

Man with his bike. Photo by Staffan Scherz on flickr.

Myanmar Update 2017 Call for Papers

Proposals due by 30 June 2016.

Reckoning with Senior General Than Shwe

Shadowy leader from the past will still influence Myanmar's future.

Myanmar’s Hluttaw makes history

Images from an unforgettable day in the country's history.

Researching Myanmar today

Scholars are finding a more accessible and open society, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

The rats of Rangoon

From plague, to meals, to piles and piles of poo -- Andrew Selth on the former capital's resident rodents.

Myanmar’s army marches on

Images from Myanmar’s 71st Armed Forces Day.

Eve of Myanmar’s Armed Forces Day 2016

Olivia Cable in Naypyitaw is gearing up for this year's major military parade.

Britain and Myanmar friends again

Both countries have overcome a lingering colonial hangover, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Witnessing Myanmar’s momentous change

New book provides eyewitness account of country's incredible reforms.

Universities in a democratic Myanmar

Democracies need open and vibrant education systems, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Myanmar’s next president

Trevor Wilson on the country’s likely leaders and how they are likely to lead.

Misplaced affection for Myanmar’s old days

Nostalgia misses the costs that came with long-term economic paralysis, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Peace in President Thein Sein’s time?

Why ending conflict with a collective of armed forces is vital to Myanmar's future.

Who are the ‘Naypyitawrians’?

Nicholas Farrelly looks at a new identity in a new Myanmar.