When Lee Kuan Yew dies…

What happens to Singapore when Lee Kuan Yew dies?

18th MASSA Symposium

The 18th Malaysia and Singapore Society of Australia symposium discussing GE13 and more will be held at the University of Sydney in Dec 2013.

In conversation with Bridget and Shamsul

Tune in to hear two experts discuss recent developments in Malaysia and Singapore.

All things Malaysia and Singapore @ ANU

Next week, will be the biggest week on Malaysia and Singapore at the Australian National University.

Malaysia-Singapore Update 2013 programme

Find out more about this major conference where experts will discuss these important Southeast Asian neighbours

Singapore in Southeast Asia: The fire and the experts

Loh Kah Seng reflects on the unpredictable consequences of mega projects and ambitious social programming in Singapore and beyond

Malaysia-Singapore Update 2013

An impressive assembly of experts will be at the ANU Malaysia-Singapore Update 2013 to address pressing issues on governance, society and the economy.

Singapore’s food security strategy

As the overall food supply becomes more volatile, Singapore is taking a well balanced approach in its food resilience programs.

Managing voice, exit and loyalty in Singapore

Can Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party reverse its electoral slide?

Symptoms of a dirty business

Murray Hunter argues that the recent Singapore labour strike has brought matters of foreign worker mistreatment and unhappiness out into the public arena.

Foreign workers strike, Singaporeans stare

A strike by foreign workers in Singapore has implications for democracy, suggests Elvin Ong.

Singapore, spice and race

A spicy debate about curry is putting Singapore’s multicultural credentials under the grill, writes Yuta Sugarno.

Dominant parties in decline

Bridget Welsh provides an interesting analysis on why two of the world's longest serving ruling regimes are in decline.

Splits in the Singapore elite

Will Singapore go the Taiwan way in its democratisation process – a split in the elite? Improbable argues Michael Barr.

In the shadow of strongmen

Southeast Asia shows us that there are two paths to democratisation – one of big bang change with reforms and another of simply muddling through.

Singapore’s national conversation

How Singapore's “national conversation” will pan out is anybody’s guess. Will the final recommendations in its report lead to any significant changes in the substance of governance, political institutions and the political process?

Malaysia and Singapore Update 2012

Two of ASEAN’s most durable authoritarian democracies (or is it democratic authoritarianism) come under scrutiny at the Australian National University this month.