Singapore’s “Battle for Merger” revisited – Part II

In this follow-up, Poh Soo Kai argues that Singapore would have been a better country with Barisan Sosialis.

Review: To Singapore, with Love

Sandeep Ray reviews a film about agitators and exiles who felt that they had a rightful say in the future direction of the nation

Reponse to Poh Soo Kai’s allegations

Burhan Gafoor, the Singaporean High Commissioner to Australia, responds to a recent New Mandala post

Singapore’s ‘Battle for Merger’ revisited

According to Poh Soo Kai, Singapore's leaders have identified themselves with injustices under the ISA

Singapore Grand Prix and soft power

Benjamin Day examines what the Formula One calendar reveals about shifts in global power

Bargaining with the PAP

Any bargain between society and PAP on the 'social contract' is likely to be heavily biased towards the PAP.

Malaysia, Singapore (and Brunei) at the AAS

Malaysia and Singapore in action at the Association of Asian Studies Conference.

Malaysia in 2014 – a perspective from Singapore

Malaysia and Singapore's ‘special relations’ are important but can never be taken for granted advises Bilveer Singh.

Indonesia: Why you so like that wan?

Elvin Ong asks if Singapore's politicians will grow up in the next 50 years?

Claiming credit in Singapore

With bare-knuckle politics once again becoming part of mainstream politics, the next 2 years promise to be exciting

New Mandala’s top posts in 2013

Elections, prime-ministers, princes, riots and penises - New Mandala had it all in 2013. Here are our most popular stories for the year.

Little India: Speculation, evidence and lessons

Elvin Ong questions if anyone actually knows the facts of the Little India riot and doubts whether serious analysis is possible

The Little India riot – another view

Bilveer Singh provides a different view of the Little India riot focusing on issues not related to wages and working conditions.

Stop and think: Lessons from Little India

As Singapore continues to grow richer, the gap between its citizens and its lowly paid foreign workforce also grows

Maid to order in Singapore

Singapore’s use of women from poorer, neighbouring nations as ‘domestic help’ reveals a dark stain at the heart of the country’s material wealth.

MASSA 2013 – second call for papers

Malaysia and Singapore Society in Australia Colloquium 2013 -- extended deadline for abstracts.

When Lee Kuan Yew dies…

What happens to Singapore when Lee Kuan Yew dies?

18th MASSA Symposium

The 18th Malaysia and Singapore Society of Australia symposium discussing GE13 and more will be held at the University of Sydney in Dec 2013.

In conversation with Bridget and Shamsul

Tune in to hear two experts discuss recent developments in Malaysia and Singapore.

All things Malaysia and Singapore @ ANU

Next week, will be the biggest week on Malaysia and Singapore at the Australian National University.

Malaysia-Singapore Update 2013 programme

Find out more about this major conference where experts will discuss these important Southeast Asian neighbours

Singapore in Southeast Asia: The fire and the experts

Loh Kah Seng reflects on the unpredictable consequences of mega projects and ambitious social programming in Singapore and beyond

Malaysia-Singapore Update 2013

An impressive assembly of experts will be at the ANU Malaysia-Singapore Update 2013 to address pressing issues on governance, society and the economy.

Singapore’s food security strategy

As the overall food supply becomes more volatile, Singapore is taking a well balanced approach in its food resilience programs.