In this video, New Mandala‘s Liam Gammon leads a discussion on the highs and lows of Joko Widodo’s first 12 months as President.

In July 2014 a sea of humanity packed into a Jakarta stadium to show their support for an ex-furniture importer and mayor from Solo.

It was the final wave of popular support that would see Jakarta Governor, Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo, sweep to victory in the country’s two-horsed presidential race. Here was a new era in the nation’s politics; a leader promising reform and [largely] removed from the old guard.

The country and the world waited with breathless anticipation for October, when he would be officially installed into office.

But a year later has the man lived up to the myth? What do we know of him, and how does his record speak?

In this video, New Mandala’s Liam Gammon leads a panel discussion with ANU Indonesia experts Greg Fealy, Arianto Patunru and Eve Warburton about Jokowi’s first year in power.

They look at interventionist policies, religious tolerance and minority rights, geopolitics and regional relations, and economics.

They also put Jokowi’s character under the spotlight and weigh up his blunders against his achievements. Most significantly they ask whether he will be around after his first term.

Watch the full panel discussion on the player above.