Articles by Trevor Wilson

Can we avoid Myanmar’s isolation over the Rohingya?

Recent experience suggests that once Myanmar sees itself as isolated and victimised, it can be much harder to influence to change its approach on the Rohingya.

China and Myanmar: Behind the headlines

The Myanmar-China relationship has a surprisingly volatile history, with much at stake for both parties.

What can the world do for the Rohingya?

Myanmar's political and historical realities are a huge challenge for the international response. But the world, including Australia, can still do more to help.

On the latest Rohingya crisis

The likely result of leaving the Tatmadaw to its own devices in dealing with ARSA is the creation of yet another insurgency.

NLD must lead on Rohingya

International community cannot fix the problem.

A life journey’s end after “finding” Myanmar

Paying tribute to an Australian surgeon dedicated to Myanmar's disabled.

A foundation for freedom

Support for Myanmar’s media – vital then, essential now.

How the press can power Myanmar’s democracy

As Myanmar's media finds it footing after decades of oppression, responsible journalism is crucial.

Revisiting country risk for Myanmar

Will it be boom or bust for companies investing in a newly democratic Myanmar?

Bringing democracy to Myanmar

Trevor Wilson looks at the factors and actors behind the nation's historic transition.

NLD needs to prioritise labour reform

New government needs to focus on workers' rights and conditions, writes Trevor Wilson.

Myanmar’s next president

Trevor Wilson on the country’s likely leaders and how they are likely to lead.