Articles by Thorn Pitidol

2 Yeses 2 Nos

Academics in Thailand try to find a way out of Thailand's most dangerous political situation in decades.

What does Suthep really want?

Thammasat University lecturer Thorn Pitidol has a ringside seat for the ongoing protests in the Ratchadamnern area of Bangkok

The end of the Red Shirts?

Thorn Pitidol argues that Thailand's idealist pro-democratic voices are likely to face an even higher degree of marginalisation

The cost of clean politics

Thorn Pitidol suggests that the looming consideration of the 2.2 trillion baht loan bill is likely to bring about further discussion of corruption in Thailand

A sign of progress?

Thai academic Thorn Pitidol argues that while Yingluck's premiership is facing a difficult "mid-term" period, her opponents on the street are not doing any better