Articles by Elvin Ong, Guest Contributor

Singapore slide

Is the PAP's landslide election victory a reverse for democracy?

Supporters at a Workers' Party rally. Photo: Abdul Rahman/ Wikimedia commons.

Surveying Singapore’s snap elections

Short campaign to be shaped by opposition's woes, voters' dilemma and viral media.

Always the ballot bridesmaid: supporters of Singapore's Workers' Party at a rally. Photo by Abdul Rahman on flickr

Breaking the mould: Singapore elections 2015

Stale politics to get fresh in ballot defined by key battlegrounds, new contenders and old issues.

Bargaining with the PAP

Any bargain between society and PAP on the 'social contract' is likely to be heavily biased towards the PAP.

Durian, teh tarik and memories

Malaysia means good times, some madness and sadness.

Indonesia: Why you so like that wan?

Elvin Ong asks if Singapore's politicians will grow up in the next 50 years?

Claiming credit in Singapore

With bare-knuckle politics once again becoming part of mainstream politics, the next 2 years promise to be exciting

Little India: Speculation, evidence and lessons

Elvin Ong questions if anyone actually knows the facts of the Little India riot and doubts whether serious analysis is possible

Foreign workers strike, Singaporeans stare

A strike by foreign workers in Singapore has implications for democracy, suggests Elvin Ong.

Singapore’s national conversation

How Singapore's “national conversation” will pan out is anybody’s guess. Will the final recommendations in its report lead to any significant changes in the substance of governance, political institutions and the political process?