Articles by Olivia Cable

Myanmar’s Hluttaw makes history

Images from an unforgettable day in the country's history.

Myanmar’s army marches on

Images from Myanmar’s 71st Armed Forces Day.

Eve of Myanmar’s Armed Forces Day 2016

Olivia Cable in Naypyitaw is gearing up for this year's major military parade.

Notes on a Naypyitaw cockfight

Olivia Cable reports from a brawl of the bantams in Myanmar's capital.

A school and the vote

Olivia Cable reports on how a humble school in Myanmar got swept up by history.

The military, civil servants and the vote

Olivia Cable gives a snapshot of the vote in Naypyitaw... and what came next.

Photo: Olivia Cable

Red and green rallies and the vote

Colourful rallies and a solidarity in hope set the scene for Myanmar's election.

Absent DASSK pulls a crowd in Yangon

In pictures: NLD supporters gather for colourful campaign.

Building Myanmar’s aid transparency

Olivia Cable takes a look at how technology is helping track aid.

Business as usual in Naypyitaw

Shwe Mann 'coup' no cause for concern in the streets of Myanmar's capital.

Students from the University of Yangon. Photo by Olivia Cable.

The ‘political science experiment’

Will Myanmar's people be key to a successful transition, asks Olivia Cable.

Indonesia and the Rohingya: de-legitimising democracy?

How the Asian migrant crisis is putting democratic credentials to the test.