Articles by Tom Pepinsky

Religion, ethnicity, and Indonesia’s 2019 presidential election

The results are suggestive of a growth in regional and religious divides since 2014.

Jakarta’s new governor doubles down on identity

Why some perceived a racist dog whistle in Anies Baswedan's inaugural address.

President Trump and Southeast Asia

The United States' engagement with Southeast Asia could soon be over, writes Tom Pepinsky.

How did Southeast Asia become a social fact?

Tom Pepinsky looks at how an artificial concept defined a region.

Malaysia’s long history of financial scandals

Corruption scandals like 1MDB are no surprise if you look at the history of Malaysian politics, writes Tom Pepinsky.

Malaysia’s opposition coalition is dead

What's next for Malaysia's opposition movement?

The simple statistics of Indonesian election polling

Tom Pepinsky on some polling fundamentals, and how they should inform our analysis of Indonesia's legislative elections.

A first pass at the GE13 results

The results are now in, with the Barisan Nasional government eking out its narrowest ever parliamentary victory of 133 seats to Pakatan Rakyat’s 89.