Articles by Liam Gammon

The perils of popularity

A Jokowi presidency is a win for Indonesia's democracy. But Indonesia got lucky by having Jokowi in the race, writes Liam Gammon.

We was robbed

There are good reasons to treat the Prabowo camp's claims of massive voter fraud with caution.

Prabowo’s dog-whistling

Prabowo is cosmopolitan or xenophobic, depending on who's in front of him.

Polling: the race tightens

Some new polling on the state of the Indonesian presidential race.

Fun with flowcharts: the China-US Conspiracy Scheme

The key to a good conspiracy theory is elegant simplicity. This one doesn't make the grade.

Polling says it’s Jokowi’s election to lose

New polling on Indonesia's 2014 elections is just like previous polling, only more so.

Jokowi the party man

Classic Jokowi campaigning was on show on the weekend, but so was the classic PDI-P variety.

Indonesia Votes: what polling says

Who's winning, and why. Taking a look at some early polling.

Meet Joko Widodo

No, he’s not the Messiah, but a bit of reformist populism was just what Indonesia needed in 2014